Location is Not a Barrier to the Best in Polished Finishes – Your Metal or Ours!

Here at SSS we have been providing polished stainless plate solutions from our location in Philadelphia since 1976. For almost all of our 40 years we have shipped accurate and guaranteed plate polishing all over North America. If buyers vote with their dollars, we have been “voted for” every day to provide competitive, worry-free finishes to the full spectrum of polished applications.

Often, buyers will know we are their preferred choice, only to default to their second polisher choice because of the cost and lag time associated with shipping their metal to us. We solve this “barrier” to being their best choice by providing *Material, *Processing and *Delivering FOB to their location!

You see, we want to offer you the best polishing available at the best possible value in any market. To do that, we competitively buy with short leads, mark it up 7.5%, and protect it at our cost.

It’s your polishing we want, and if that means doing all of the heavy-lifting to streamline the deal, that’s great! Philadelphia is surrounded by a terrific cluster of top-shelf Service Centers, Mill Locations, and depots with excellent toll processing.

There’s enough that can go wrong in fulfilling a polished stainless plate order, why not get your first choice for integrity, accountability and value?

Let us craft success for your application!

Thank you,
All the Best!


Our Plate Polishing is in The Guggenheim…

Guggenheim Wright Restaurant Polished Chair BasesIt actually is- and a lot more! Our work is prominent in many architecturally significant projects and applications. The Air Force Memorial in DC, the entrances to the Freedom Tower at Ground Zero, and the exteriors of hundreds of clean room pharmaceutical tanks all share the same thing; the exact same attention to detail and quality!


Do one thing extremely well, have it recognized, become the standard for 43 years.


That’s why when service centers stock our finish, they do so knowing it can be sold into any use and application, process vessel or museum architectural. There’s no “good #4,” there’s just our #4…or #6, or #7, or any Ra you can name.


Since the beginning, the quality and attention to detail integral to our finishes are never compromised regardless of where it’s used.


Zero risk ~ real value ~ repeatable results…with folks you’ll enjoy working with!


Take a moment to see what “Best of Brand” looks like in the polishing world.