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Latest News:    

July 19th – Austin’s team was running wingless with the USAC Easy Coast Sprint Cars at Big Diamond. They won their heat race and started on the pole in heat number two. Finished second in tonight’s 25 lap USAC feature at Big Diamond. Second place tonight at Big Diamond! Only his second time in a wingless sprint car. 

July 20th – Austin’s team was at Grandview Speedway running with The Capital Renegade United Racing Club!  Pulled a 39 out of 40 tonight so they started last in the third heat at Grandview Speedway. Then started 15th in the 25 lap feature and finished 8th.

July 12th – Team is at Williams Grove Speedway with URC starting 7th in heat number 1 and finished 6th. Austin started 16th in the A-Main and finished 12th in the 25 lap feature. 

July 13th – Saturday night was in Selinsgrove with URC and went from 23rd to 13th.

July 4thAt Selinsgrove tonight, Austin pulled a 19 and started 2nd in heat number two. Three to the redraw, started 3rd in tonight’s 30 lap main event and finished the 30 lap feature in 7th.

July 3rdAt Port Royal Speedway with the 410’s starting third in heat number three. Finished 4th in the heat which put us 12th in the feature. Finished 10th tonight at the Speed Palace.

June 29th – Nose wing broke last night on lap one after getting hit by mud – finished 8th.

June 28th – Started 5th – finished 5th in heat.

June 22nd – Race Day at Selinsgrove Speedway, finished 4th in the heat race and will be starting 10th in the feature. Finished 11th.

June 8th – Austin, flipped tonight at Lincoln and we are glad his safety equipment kept him from getting hurt. These past few weeks have been rough, but they will rebuild and get back after it.

June 1st – Starting 13th in the feature tonight but lost a cylinder in the closing laps and ended up finishing 7th in the heat.

May 25th – First career Capital renegade 360 sprint car win! Fifth start with the series, Frank Styer, Tyler Rissler, Ed Faust and Dad had this thing on a rail last night. Great racing with Robbie Stillwaggon and Chad Layton, learned a lot last night gonna try to carry this momentum into Selinsgrove Speedway tonight. Hoping Mother Nature is nice!

May 10th – Bedford speedway. Never been there before, heat started 3rd finished 4th. Feature started 7th passing for 5th with 3 laps to go the 5th place driver had a different thought, saved the car cost Austin a few spots but came home 8th. Second feature was a make up from a rain out last year. They gave Austin an option for a buy in since he didn’t have a provisional. Austin took it and started 14th made it to 7th again no cautions which he needed. Still a solid run. Drove straight to Del Mar afterwards got there 4:30 Saturday morning. Got a few hours sleep, washed car and headed to the track at 1 just for them to cancel. Mother nature won again.

April 27 – Port Royal. He did REALLY well. We’ve never seen him so dedicated to his line on the race track. He was racing up front with the 410 guys and came in fourth. 

We won our first heat race with the 360 last night at the speed palace and ended up 4th in the feature! With some real experienced guys ahead of us. We’re still learning as a team and getting better every week I can’t thank my guys and sponsors enough they ARE what makes this happen! 

Here is a link to the televised race on Speed Shift TV:

Austin will be racing at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday night if it doesn’t rain. However, he won’t be in his car as he’s driving for someone else. It’s not a points race and they wanted to save the motor.



About Austin:

2018 was Austin’s 2nd year driving in the 305 Sprint division, and he was voted one of five most popular 305 Sprint Cars drivers in Pennsylvania. Austin is stepping up to the 360 Class (700HP!) in 2019.

From Austin: “I have a great team behind me and I think that is the most important part of this sport. I bring a determined attitude, giving it my all every time I hit the race track, learning setup and the track each time. At the age of 20, I strive to learn and put myself into contention to be the best. No matter who for, or what I am driving, I will give them 100% and be as competitive as I possibly can.”

A winning attitude from an up-and-coming driver!

Austin Bishop Racing Schedule 2019

5 – Williams Grove Speedway (USAC)
13 – Lincoln Speedway (USAC)
14 – Bridgeport Speedway
17 – Delaware International Speedway (USAC)
20 – Selinsgrove Speedway
26 – Bedford Speedway (USAC)
27 – Port Royal Speedway
3 – Williams Grove
4 – Selinsgrove Speedway
10 – Bedford Speedway
17 – Big Diamond Speedway (USAC)
18 – Grandview Speedway (USAC)
23 – New Egypt Speedway
24 – Big Diamond Speedway
25 Selinsgrove Speedway
26 – Bridgeport Speedway (USAC)
1 – Delaware Speedway
7 – Big Diamond Speedway (USAC)
8 – Lincoln Speedway
13 – BAP’s Speedway
21 – Big Diamond Speedway
22 – Selinsgrove Speedway
28 – Bedford Speedway
30 – Glen Ridge Motorsports Park (NY – USAC)
3 – Port Royal Speedway
4 – Selinsgrove Speedway
6 – New Egypt Speedway (USAC)
12 – Williams Grove Speedway
13 – Selinsgrove Speedway
19 – Big Diamond Speedway (USAC)
20 – Grandview Speedway
26 – Georgetown Speedway (USAC)
16 – Bedford Speedway (USAC)
17 – Delaware International Speedway (USAC)
30 – Williams Grove Speedway
31 – Selinsgrove Speedway
7 – Delaware International Speedway
13 – Georgetown Speedway
12 – BAP’s Speedway
19 – Port Royal Speedway
8 – Bridgeport Speedway
9 – Bridgeport Speedway
Here’s Rick with this season’s car.

Recent Austin Bishop Stats:

In 20 Races in 2018 (four of which he had mechanical issues and pulled off):

  • He won seven races (on six different tracks) and had eight top-5’s.
  • Any weeks he didn’t race were due to cancellations from rain.

As he finished:

  Won Heat
  2nd in Heat from 7th – Lincoln Speedway
  Won Heat – Grandview Speedway
  2nd in Heat
  2nd in Heat
  Won Heat
  Trailways Speedway
  2nd in Heat
  Bridgeport Speedway
  Path Valley Speedway
  Williams Grove Speedway
  Williams Grove Speedway
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