No. 6 Polish

Since 1976, we’ve been North America’s premier stainless steel polisher for industry and architecture. While earning national recognition for our superior craftsmanship and expertise, we’ve pioneered many of the protocols and practices that mark today’s industry standards. From coarse grind “clean-up” to ultra-fine finishes, our vast flat-rolled stainless steel polishing capabilities deliver the uncompromising quality you and your customers require. Choose us for your No. 6 Fine Satin Finish (20 Ra max) or other finishing needs, and discover why we’re the top choice among fabricators, service centers, and mills across the country.

We work with small and large companies with projects varying from simple to technical and complex. With the ability to meet the most exacting requirements, let us put four generations of fabrication and polishing experience mastery to work for you.

About the No. 6 Fine Satin Finish (20 Ra max)

The No. 6 Fine Satin Finish delivers a “2B mill-finish-surface-roughness-equivalent” with a fine-grain satin appearance. It has a higher degree of surface lubricity and reflectivity than our No. 4 Standard Satin Finish (32 Ra max), aiding cleanability and bacteria-free surfaces. This polish also minimizes surface friction for enhanced smoothness that allows materials to slide easily. Our No. 6 Fine Satin Finish is guaranteed not to exceed 20 RA maximum in any spot, without averaging.

  • Available on any thickness plate or sheet
  • A 2B mill finish “surface-roughness-equivalent”
  • 20 RA maximum in any spot
  • Fine-grain satin appearance
  • Minimal surface friction
  • Cost-effective Non-Directional plate surface prep
  • Aids cleanability and bacteria-free surface requirements
  • Brighter, tighter finish and a higher degree of reflectivity than our No. 4 Standard Satin Finish

Reach out to our polishing team to learn more about our No. 6 Fine Satin Finish capabilities.

No. 6 Fine Satin Finish Applications

Pharmaceutical Tank

Our approach to mill surface preparation for No. 6 Fine Satin Finish is similar to that used for plate finishes No. 3 Brushed Satin Finish (60 Ra max) through No. 7-Plus Near-Mirror Finish (3 Ra max). The No. 6 Fine Satin Finish is most often used to achieve a brighter and tighter grain structure for minimized surface friction. Ideal when materials must move easily over the surface without clumping or sticking, such as corn starch or other powdered materials. Some possible applications for our No. 6 Fine Satin Finish include:

  • Dry bulk storage silos – The higher level of lubricity allows powdered and other dry bulk materials to slide easily over the surface as the vessel or silo fills or empties.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing tanks and processing equipment – Due to the reduced scratch depth and size, the No. 6 Fine Satin Finish is the coarsest recommended pharmaceutical finish due to bio particle size.
  • Non-directional preparation – When the final finish for a hot rolled annealed and picked (HRAP) plate requires a final non-directional appearance, our No. 6 Fine Satin Finish is an excellent and predictable surface preparatory treatment before the final non-directional finishing is applied.
  • Architectural applications requiring a fine satin appearance – Our No. 6 Fine Satin Finish may also be appropriate for some stainless steel architectural applications.

Whether you need a No. 6 Fine Satin Finish for an application listed above, or something else, count on our expert finishing team to deliver the expertise, precision and quality you expect.

No. 6 Fine Satin Finish Custom Finishing Options

Your project is unique, which is why we offer many custom finishing options on any size plate or sheet. Our goal is to provide a final product that meets and exceeds your specifications and expectations.

Custom finishing options include:

  • Guaranteed Sanitary/pit and crevice-free finish
  • No. 6 Fine Satin Finishing on one or both sides
  • Surface prep refinement for non-destructive testing
  • Irregular and pre-machined shapes, diameters, and half-diameters up to 14 feet
  • Plate “kit” with ready-to-build materials for your customer, including pre-beveled edges and pre-drilled and pre-perforated holes with 1.5” maximum hole size
  • Shape and Part Master Plate Nesting Program to maximize yield by nesting parts into larger plates or sheets – this option includes the finish application and protection for laser or water jet cutting after polishing
  • Packaging and protection options guaranteed to protect your finished materials until you use them

How can we customize your project? Contact us to learn more about how we can tailor the final finish to your specific requirements.

Our No. 6 Fine Satin Finish Process

Our process uses a similar technique as a No. 3 Brushed Satin Finish or a No. 4 Standard Satin Finish, except the final finish is smoother and more refined. Expect the No. 6 Fine Satin Finish to deliver a higher degree of reflectivity and surface lubricity to aid with cleanability, bacteria-free surfaces, and reduced material surface friction. We use the following process to provide the quality, precision, and appearance you require:

Careful & intentional stock removal

As with all our finishes, the No. 6 Fine Satin Finish process begins by judiciously grinding all polish plate surfaces until they are 100% free of the HRAP mill surface, retaining as much original thickness as possible. We remove only enough material to reveal a clean, polishable surface that we can transition into the final finish phase.

Ensure uniform surface roughness of 20 RA maximum

Never using Ra averaging, we guarantee not to exceed 20 RA in any spot during the No. 6 Fine Satin Finish process. Our conscientiousness and skills mastery allows us to deliver a uniform surface roughness that sets our finishes apart from the competition.

Delivering excellent aesthetic values

The final stage of the finishing process centers on our exceptional attention to detail. Once measurables such as maximum Ra are known, we hone our focus on the material’s aesthetic appearance to ensure your finished piece looks as good as it functions. This commitment to visual appeal lets you deliver noticeably enhanced value and customer satisfaction when the final project is complete.

No. 6 Fine Satin Finish FAQ

When considering us for your next polished project, browse our most frequently asked questions below to learn more about our No. 6 Fine Satin Finish capabilities.

  • silver FAQ. 3D illustrationDoes the No.6 Fine Satin Finish meet 3A surface finish standards? Yes, the 20 Ra max reading of this finish makes it significantly smoother than the required 32 RA surface roughness of a 3A requirement.

  • How does a No.6 Fine Satin Finish compare with a No. 4 Standard Satin Finish or a No. 7 Super-Fine Satin Finish? A No. 6/20 RA max finish essentially “sits” between a No. 4 and a No. 7 in surface roughness. The appearance and reflectivity will be greater than a No. 4, but not as bright or as fine as a No. 7.
  • Is blending a No. 6 Fine Satin Finish any more complicated than a No. 4, No. 3, or No. 7? No, finer directional satin finishes require slightly more effort and media to blend as the finish and grain structure become finer. Proper application and professional execution of off-hand abrasives make blending quite achievable.
  • Is a No. 6 Fine Satin Finish more expensive than a No. 4? Yes, generally speaking polishing requires increasingly more time and materials as the final finish required becomes more refined and lower in RA. The application of more on-task time and a greater number of abrasives raises the cost, but in the case of the Stainless Steel No. 6 finish not as high as finer finishes, such as No. 7 and No. 7 Plus. To receive an estimate for your project, complete our Request for Quote form on our website.
  • Can a No. 6 Fine Satin Finish be applied to a mill 2B as well as an HRAP surface? Yes, Stainless Steel Polish No. 6 can be applied to a mill 2B surface where a guaranteed surface is desired or on any HRAP surface. Because the initial grinding and required stock removal are significantly less when starting with a 2B surface final all-in costs are less. With a No. 6 finish, the final finishing steps will result in an identical final finish appearance regardless of the starting mill surface.
  • If we need the surface roughness of a 2b sheet on a plate is that available? With the exception of 1/4″ plate from some mills. Our No. 6 finish mimics the surface roughness and non-porous nature of a mill-2b surface, except in a polished appearance.

Have we answered all your questions? Reach out to us for more information about our No. 6 Fine Satin Finish.

Our Philosophy and Guarantee

As former fabricators, we understand the level of trust required to hire a stainless steel finishing company, and we’re dedicated to earning every ounce of yours. For nearly 46 years, we’ve built a philosophy and culture centered on integrity, honesty, and accountability steeped throughout our organization, running from ownership and management to the skilled finishers on our factory floor. Everyone is here to provide education, guidance, and peace of mind as we deliver unparalleled precision and excellence. We never take for granted the trust you place in us.

Our “Terms and Conditions” is our Guarantee:

“If our work is found not to meet the customer’s specifications, we promise to re-polish, replace, or refund, including freight costs, to the customer’s satisfaction.”

Entrust us with your project, and we’ll demonstrate our commitment to you.

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As the premier stainless steel polishing source for industry and architecture across North America, we want to earn your business. Let us put over four decades of experience to work for you with our No. 6 Fine Satin Finish or any of our other precision stainless steel finishes. We’ll deliver the excellence you expect with integrity and a smile.

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