When it comes to polishing stainless steel: we do it best.

Whether it’s your material, or material we source for you, we provide any and all finishes on stainless steel and stainless steel duplex alloys, stainless steel clad, Inconel and Hastelloy, to name just a few.

Whatever your finish needs, trust us to exceed your expectations.

We can provide any required finishes up to and including a 3 Ra maximum #7 PLUS “near-mirror” or “pre-buff” in any thickness flat rolled material from 14 Gauge to 10″.

Flat-Rolled Polishing Capabilities:

    • Thickness from 14 Gauge up to 10″
    • Up to 14 feet wide and up to 46 feet maximum length
    • One or both sides polishing


Standard Finishes:

We can provide ANY specific Ra or grit finish – as fine as a 3 Ra Max. near-mirror.

We GUARANTEE not to exceed the maximum Ra required in any spot.

    • #3 60 Ra Max., Coarse satin appearance with parallel grain. “50 to 80 Grit”
    • #4 30 Ra Max., Most common, suitable for architectural or processing vessels. A refined “tighter-grain” appearance universally acceptable for process equipment systems and tanking wet surfaces. Meets 3A “Dairy” and “Sanitary” application requirements. (See above Pit-free notation)
    • #6 20 Ra Max., Offering “2B” mill finish surface roughness in a fine grain satin appearance. Chosen for minimized surface friction in powder and silo applications among others. Used where a better, tighter finish than standard #4 is desired.
    • #7 9 Ra Max., Very fine highly reflective satin grain. Often used when the finish will be further refined through buffing. Earthquake attenuation slide plate surfaces as well.
    • #7 Plus 3 Ra Max., Near-mirror highly reflective ultra fine grain satin. Often used where mirror finishes are called for and considered much more cost effective as a mirrored plate alternative.

All polished finishes include 100% of the HRAP surface “scale” removed to clean “parent” metal but not 100% Pit-free unless specifically requested. All finishes quoted as Maximum Ra taken in any spot. Never averaged.

Additional Finishes:

    • Guaranteed Sanitary/Pit and Crevice-Free polishing available in any size, thickness or Ra
    • All of our finishes are capable of being produced on any size plate, or sheet, one or both sides
    • Surface Prep refinement for non-destructive testing

Lifting Capacity:

    • Up to 40,000 lb. overhead cranes, 22 feet under hook
    • Carbon-free material handling equipment to accommodate all loading and manipulation

Additional Polishing Services:

Irregular Shape Capacity
Send your material pre-cut & drilled

    • Shapes, Diameters, Half diameters up to 14 feet maximum
    • Irregular shapes
    • Pre-machined shapes
    • Pre-beveled edges
    • Pre-drilled + pre-perforated – max. hole size 1.5″

Many customers like the idea of delivering a plate “kit” to the fabricator: for example, for materials, cut, drilled, and polished.

Your customer receives ready-to-build materials.

Polished and ready for fit-up! We sequence, polish, pack and ship direct for you.

Shape and Part Master Plate Nesting Program

Maximize material yield and nest your parts into larger plates or sheets.
We’ll apply the exact finish and protect for laser or water jet cutting after polishing. Great economics are the result. Large irregular shapes made polishable and any cutting method acceptable. 

Check out some of our notable projects or our gallery.

Packaging and Protection:

Standard and Optional Packaging and Protection Options

    • Standard: 5 mil white laser PE film
    • Standard: Fluted cardboard interleaving
    • Standard: Re-skidded with caution corner protection
    • New skidding and crating upon request
    • Van / common carrier durable, high impact packaging upon request
    • Special packaging and custom skidding available as needed


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