No. 7 Plus Stainless Steel Polish

Nationally recognized for exceptional craftsmanship and expertise, we are the premier source across  North America for Stainless Steel polishing for Industry and Architecture. Since 1976 we’ve pioneered many of the protocols and practices recognized as today’s industry standards. Our No. 7-Plus polish completes our vast range of finish capabilities, ranging from coarse grind “clean-up” to this No. 7-Plus/3-Ra max ultra-fine grain. Our exceedingly high customer satisfaction rating among fabricators, service centers, and mills underscores our ability to meet the most demanding requirements across all industries requiring polished finishes. Whether your company is small or large, or your project is simple or complex, we can help. You can count on our 4+ decades of polishing knowledge to deliver the uncompromising quality and expertise you, and your customers, require.

About our Stainless Steel No. 7-Plus Polish

Stainless Steel No. 7-Plus polish is characterized as a “pre-buff” or “dull mirror” finish. It offers a cost-effective alternative for applications that require an ultra-fine reflective finish without a buffed mirror effect. When you choose us to perform this highly refined/ultra-smooth finish, we guarantee not to exceed a surface roughness 3 Ra in any spot – never averaged. Key Characteristics of our No. 7-Plus Polish include:

  • Number 7 PolishCost-effective alternative to a mirror finish
  • 3 Ra maximum in any spot measured
  • Highly reflective
  • Easily buffed from dull mirror appearance to full #8 mirror
  • Super fine Satin grain aiding easy surface cleaning
  • High lubricity with low coefficient of drag
  • Applicable for both Processing & Architectural applications

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Stainless Steel No. 7-Plus Polish Applications

Thanks to its ultra-smooth finish and a high degree of reflectivity, Stainless Steel No. 7-Plus Polish is ideal for many industrial and architectural applications. The No. 7-Plus Polish is highly applicable where high lubricity will aid the plate surfaces slide metal against metal, such as with bridge expansion joints and earthquake attenuation plates. Additional application considerations include:

  • Pharmacy SteelAerospace
  • Architecture
  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech
  • Chemical
  • Cosmetics
  • Fossil and Solar energy
  • Food/Dairy/Beverage
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Vacuum
  • Water Treatment

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No. 7-Plus Finish Custom Finishing Options

Every job is unique and important, so we go the extra mile to understand the final material use and recommend the ideal customized finish solution that meets the specifications. We offer many types of No. 7-Plus polish finishing options on any size plate or sheet, these includes:

  • Guaranteed pit and crevice-free
  • Finishing of one or both sides
  • Surface prep for non-destructive testing
  • Irregular and pre-machined shapes, diameters, and half-diameters up to 14 feet
  • Plate “kitting” that provides ready-to-build bill-of-materials, including pre-beveled edges, pre-drilled and pre-perforated holes.
  • Shape and Part Master Plate Nesting Program to maximize yield; includes finish application and protection for laser or water jet cutting after polishing

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Packaging and Protection Options

After the hard work goes in- we make sure it arrives perfect! We offer several packaging and protection options to protect the integrity of your finished materials and ensure it arrives unscathed for fabrication. We’ll recommend the best protection and mode of transportation for your job. Our standard packaging options includes:

  • 5 mil white laser PVC film
  • Fluted cardboard interleaving
  • Skidded and banded with caution corner protection

Our optional packaging and protection options include:

  • Custom skidding, crating or boxing.
  • Van/common carrier durable, high-impact packaging aka, “Bomb-Proofing”

Our No. 7-Plus Polishing Process

With a commitment to quality, precision, and exactitude, our No. 7-Plus polish finishing capabilities are second to none. Our long-standing history of perfecting abrasive belt polishing techniques and unparalleled expertise are the foundation for nearly 45 years of success. With an unceasing obsession to provide precise and repeatable finishes, we follow a reliably successful process uniquely tailored to your application. The key facets of our No. 7-Plus polish finishing process are: Judicious and careful stock removal We start by judiciously grinding all polish plate surfaces until they are 100% free of the HRAP mill surface. Our objective is to retain as much of the original metal thickness as possible, removing only enough material to create a clean, polishable surface that we can easily transition from the grind phase to the final finish phase. Removing too much stock can create post-fabrication challenges; For example, if the plate thickness is too thin it can impact the structural integrity of a tank or processing piece of equipment creating a rejectable condition. Our polishing mastery and conscientiousness ensure the final product meets precise specifications for performance, appearance and code acceptability. Ensure uniform surface roughness of 3 Ra maximum or less Because we don’t use average surface readings, the roughness at any spot on a No. 7-Plus polished plate from our company will reveal 3 RA or less, known as a dull mirror finish. Our skillful ability to achieve uniform surface roughness without violating the specifications is just one way our Stainless Steel finishing stands out from the competition. Delivering an excellent aesthetic Our focus on quality and precision doesn’t stop at our careful removal of stock and uniform surface roughness; the process concludes with extraordinary attention to aesthetic detail. Our goal is to ensure that the finished piece looks just as good as it functions. This pledge to produce an appealing aesthetic helps you deliver more product value and increases customer satisfaction when the product is complete.

No. 7-Plus Polish FAQ

If you’re considering no. 7-Plus polish for your next stainless steel project, learn what you need to know about this ultra-fine finish from our most frequently asked questions.

  • Is No. 7-Plus polish considered a mirror finish? No. While Stainless Steel No. 7-Plus polish is highly reflective, it is not the same as a buffed mirror finish. Instead, No. 7-Plus polish is characterized as a “dull mirror” that offers a cost-effective alternative for applications that require an ultra-fine finish without the true mirror effect.

  • Does a No. 7-Plus polish require more stock removal than No. 4 polish or any other coarser finish? No. We achieve the finer finish of No. 7-Plus polish by introducing a different combination of abrasive belts than we’d use for No. 4 polish or other coarser finishes. The differing belts do not increase the amount of removed stock.

  • Is a No. 7-Plus polish appropriate as a preparation finish for non-directional final treatment? Yes. No. 7-Plus polish is a superior preparation finish for minimizing the non-directional final application labor.

  • Do you use average surface roughness readings to measure surface roughness? No. We never average RA’s because we’ve found it to be a quality assurance nightmare. Instead, we ensure undebatable uniform surface roughness so that any spot will generate the same measurement. In the case of No. 7-Plus polish, we guarantee not to exceed 3 RA in any spot.

  • Do you follow the same protocol for every No. 7 -Plus polish piece? No. No two stainless flat-rolled pieces are identical because of the variance in the pre-polished surface from the mill. As such, it’s unwise to blindly follow the same protocol for every piece. To achieve consistently precise results, our skilled professionals evaluate the material before starting. They are highly skilled at adapting methods and techniques to ensure a successful and consistent outcome.

  • How much does No. 7-Plus polish finishing cost? Because we use a greater variety of abrasive belts and require more labor for No. 7-Plus polishing, it often costs more than coarser finishes. However, No. 7-Plus polish offers a better value for applications that don’t need a full buff mirror of No. 8 finish. To receive an estimate for your project, complete our Request for Quote form on our website.

  • Are you familiar with what happens to the metal after you polish it? How it’s used? Where it goes next? Yes! we are formerly 4th generation fabricators. As such, we are intimately familiar with fabrication processing and, in fact, consider downstream activity’s in our quoting, handling, preparation, and coordination with our customer-partners. We are unique in the polishing world in that we “speak fabricator”!
  • How are you different than other Stainless Steel polishers? In an industry not always regarded for integrity and a “human” approach, our difference is rooted in our people and culture. When you hire a Stainless Steel Services professional for a critical task such as polishing, we take the commitment to heart. From the owners and management to the expertly skilled tradesmen on our shop floor, everyone is accountable and genuinely invested in delivering the precision and excellence you expect. We’re devoted to educating and guiding you every step of the way; instilling confidence that you have a trusted partner in your work.

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Our Simple Guarantee

At the heart of our day-to-day operations is a refreshing  philosophy that remains as central to our company culture as it did nearly 45 years ago. We never take for granted the trust you have placed in us. In return, We Guarantee That: “If our work is found not to meet the customer’s specifications, we promise to repolish, replace, or refund, including freight costs, to the customer’s satisfaction.” Let us show you the value of our approach and how we bring our guarantee to life.


10 Reasons to choose us for Stainless Steel No. 7-Plus Polish

When you need No. 7-Plus polish, choose a Stainless Steel Polisher with the knowledge, expertise, and integrity to ensure success. Choose our work because:

  1. We communicate thoroughly throughout the job, eliminating buyer anxiety
  2. We guarantee not to exceed the maximum RA required in any spot every time.
  3. We “get” what happens next to the metal; we “speak fabricator”
  4. We hold ourselves 100% accountable and guarantee 100% of our work
  5. We believe in integrity first. We are reliable, dependable, and honest
  6. We have an exceedingly high repeat customer satisfaction rate
  7. We obsess over your project’s completion, so you don’t have to
  8. We’ve pioneered many of today’s stainless steel industry finishing standards since 1976
  9. We never cut corners in the name of profit or sacrifice quality
  10. We never blame the metal – we’re supposed to be the experts
  11. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise is like an insurance policy against a project catastrophe and back charge.


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With nearly 45 years of experience, count on us for superior No. 7-Plus stainless steel finishing for all your industry and architecture needs. As the premier polishing authority across North America, you can trust us to provide exceptional quality and value with integrity – and a smile. Our expert people-first team will share extensive knowledge, expertise, and a unified commitment to your success. Welcome to the time honored approach to stainless steel finishing where quality, value, trust, and integrity come first. Contact us or download a Request for Quote form to get started with our Stainless Steel No. 7-Plus polish or other finishing services.