Philadelphia, PA (March 23, 2020) – Brian Vattimo has assumed the position of Operations Manager over the entire flat-rolled polishing operations at Stainless Steel Services, Philadelphia, PA.

Brian, in his 10th year with the company, has already exceled and instituted noteworthy changes in the production department for one of North America’s most prominent and recognized flat-rolled stainless polishers.

Brian has a well-groomed steel industry pedigree having entered the industry in 1994 as the fabrication and assembly lead man at Load-Rite Trailers. This tenure was followed by the position of foreman at Contactors Steel in Michigan. Nine years later in 2010 Brian joined SSS as a machine operator and excelled as a quick study in the skills of plate polishing. In the time since his start at SSS, he learned and developed training and techniques for apprentices to follow as well as refined the floor operations and equipment efficiency. Prior to his promotion to the top operations position he was Assistant Production Manager.

Brian brings high dedication to the Operations Manager position with a natural focus on integrity, transparency and a quality-centric approach. Interactions with Brian and his department will show a genuinely renewed commitment to communication and true customer respect.

Brian represents all of the best practices of what SSS stands for, as well as a refreshing leadership to the shop floor.

Please welcome and congratulate him as you have the occasion to interact with our production side, and know that Brian leads the charge in making your interest, ours.