We Supply Material, Polishing and Freight Delivered to the Customer

Although we are not a steel service center, we often supply material, polishing and freight delivered to the customer…. Here’s why. Here at Stainless Steel Services we consider it our obligation and responsibility to pre-polish inspect every piece of plate that is delivered for its potential to meet the customers post polish expectations.

We know what to look for.

Surface issues like coil set, lamination and excessive pitting are among the issues we see and flag every day. In these cases, we stop the job before processing and inform the customer of our findings and how it might affect the final outcome. This is one of the key reasons that we offer to supply material & polishing, fob to your location.

We take 100% responsibility for the metal, and if it needs replacing, its automatic. We also get to choose which vendors are the most responsible when it comes to supplying polish quality plate. Inbound freight is eliminated and you write one PO for a turnkey product! For many folks this ease-of-transaction and the upstreaming of responsibility, has real value.

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